Wednesday, 7 September 2016

And now for something completely different

I lied.... This is not really something different... Well compared to the oodles of sewing I've just done I guess it is... So it's not a complete lie, more a half truth... Am I getting off topic here? Sorry 

So yeah... Socks!

My latest finished pair were actually completed over a week ago, but it's been too hot to wear socks so there was little inclination to photograph them. I have only laziness to blame, soz. 

But anyway, down to details!

These little beauties are the Petty Harbour pattern by Rayna Curtis (available on Ravelry). The pattern is easy to remember making these good portable knitting. It's a really nice broken rib which also gives a nice elasticity to the socks. I knit them up in the smaller size and they're perfect for my size 5s.

But they are yet another imperfect pair, not because of making a mistake, but because of yarn chicken... Which sounds like you'd need to go see a vet. Yes indeed, while my choice of yarn (Grundl Hot Socks) is very lovely, gave me perfect gauge, and a very pretty denim blue colour... What it did not give me was the extra  30cm I needed for my final four rows. Yes, the right sock is shorter than the left!

Ok it's a bit longer than that. I think a minor irk I have with the pattern is to blame, and this is only my irk because I apparently don't understand my own feet! While happily knitting away at sock #1 (see above), I did not think about checking the heel flap length against my own heel, which apparently needs less flap than the average heel. This has made it a bit too big for me, meaning by the time I got to the end of sock #2 (seen above in its infancy), my extra 30cm of yarn was happily chilling out in sock #1.

Ah well, they still both fit fine.

You can kinda see the extra heel going on in this shot.

But mistakes aside (mistakes that not one member of the public will either notice or give a monkeys about), I really enjoyed knitting these ones. That pattern kept them interesting, and the denim blue keeps them classic looking.


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  1. I love this pattern! Yours look really pretty, especially that color.