Monday, 12 September 2016

Could someone please explain to me....


Also, for the purposes of this post, please forgive my weird Hobbit feet... Much thanks

And yes, I am aware the cropped length does not help with the Hobbit feet... But mine aren't hairy... So there!

Aaaaaaanyway... Pyjamas! So I swing between being the sort of person who picks the pattern and fits the fabric to it, and the sort of person who falls in love with the fabric and then fits it to a pattern. These pyjama bottoms are the latter. While doing some eBay browsing I came across these adorable bunnies, was forced against my will to buy a few metres (ahem), and only then decided on pyjamas.

I mean look at them!! They're so scrappy!!

I used the Margot Pyjama pattern from Tilly Walness' 'Love at First Stitch' book, which I highly recommend for the beginner sewist. Because I am a bit more seasoned than that I skipped past the pages which diligently explain how to place patterns and cut the fabric out. But would you believe that these are only my second 'remotely resembles trousers' pattern, so I did pay attention while sewing leg a to leg b. 

I used just my hip measurement to pick the size as its a drawstring waist, and there is no other shaping at the top... Easy peasy! I only ran into difficulties when I realised that the 45" wide fabric was not long enough! But Tilly had the solution already spelled out for me... Cropped bottoms! Again... Love! Love! Love!

They are sooooo comfy, the fabric is light and airy (because that's exactly what I need going into winter!) and really soft... And did I mention bunnies!

What I don't like about them is the drawstring hole. Either I mis-read (half-read.. Ahem) the instructions, or there is only one hole at the front for the drawstring. A solution to this would be to simply add elastic to the waistband before sewing the hole closed! Or trying to manufacture two holes (maybe button holes on each side of that middle seam).

So in conclusion... Pyjamas are awesome! And I want more!! Also...

Apparently I'm a little teapot... But with no spout... Ok a wonky sugar bowl.

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