Thursday, 22 September 2016

Winter's coming... Knit faster

It's that season again where Gravity has its wicked way with the leaves, and you sneakily still pretend you're a steam train when you can see your breath in the air even though you're a grown up with a proper job and stuff. And while the frost hasn't properly kicked in, I'm definitely ready to prepare for when it does! And that means knitting planning.

I mean, honestly, I think I love the process of planning just as much as I do the making and wearing of the knitted (and sewn) goods. Sorry the sewing sneaked in there cunningly disguised in brackets... But this is a knitting plan so the sewing can shush for now.

So before I get cracking on the winter plans, I have an update on the 'seems to have taken forever' campside Cardigan I had in my summer knitting list... It is finished... Honest! But ends need to be woven in and blocking needs to take place before I show you it... Soon.... Very soon.

Soooooo.... Winter!

I spotted my first jumper several months back while killing time browsing on Ravelry, it's the Coronis jumper from Pom Pom magazine published in Autumn 2014. The pattern is luckily for sale separately on Ravelry so I got very excited!

Photo from Pom Pom magazine.

I love the rings on this jumper so much, if you look closely there is a third colour inside the lighter stripe. And while I'm not keen on having a cropped jumper (I wouldn't wear it), there are lots of versions where people have added a stripe or two more to lengthen it. It seems such a versatile pattern as it can be made with lots of ease or pretty snug, longer sleeves or shorter, longer body. It can be very easily adjusted to be your own perfect fit.

For my version I am using Rico baby soft yarn in navy and anthracite, but for that third colour which I want to pop, I've got a ball of Wendy Merino in bright red! 

Ok the navy just looks black but it is a lush dark navy... And my God is it soft!

I'm also planning on lengthening the body and having it reasonably fitted... Undecided on the sleeve length... Let's see how much yarn I've got left.

For my next trick I wanted to go in the opposite direction and have a casual but loose fitting boxy kind of jumper...

Let me introduce you to Sophistical by Cheryl Niamath. This one is a different construction than I'm becoming used to as each part is knit up separately and stitched together... But I'm wondering if I can bypass that.. Maybe. But the big bonus here is its a free pattern! I also love the detailing on the front where small shelf like tucks give it a nice feature.

I have stashed away some Cascade 220 Aran for this one in a lovely pale stone grey.

I'm not planning on making too many changes to this as its meant to be big and baggy... So what could possibly go wrong - she says with some healthy apprehension.

Onwards to my third and final winter contribution... Flaum!

Yes this is indeed a big cocoon of squishy goodness! I found this beauty completely by accident and fell in love immediately. The pattern is by Justyna Lorkowska and is on Ravelry with a million amazing examples from other knitters... I was particularly smitten with marieb's version so I decided I was going to copy it stitch by stitch. So I now have the exact yarn combination she used...

And this is a first for me, knitting with two strands at once! This is Drops Alpaca in the colour way Perlgrau, and Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk in Light Grey. Put together I'm imagining a lovely pale digestive biscuit colour... Maybe closer to Rich Tea finger.

But again... No adjustments as its huge and squishy... But I'm very excited about this one.

And ok... I know I said three projects... But I've got to have a wild card just in case I have time... And this one is pretty wild. Meet Profit Six by Megh Testerman...

It's meant to have a very sci fi feel to it... Which is maybe why I decided I must have one (big sci fi geek here). But as it is my wild card I have no plans for it or even a colour picked out. We shall just have to see if I get round to it.

So thank you for sitting through this very excited chatter about my knitting plans... Now I must go and weave in some Campsite ends if I am ever to get that one finished

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