Saturday, 10 September 2016

Something Blue...

If you follow me on Instagram (I'm under makingwithneedles if you don't and you're interested) then you have seen a few photos of my big summer project. I actually managed to churn out two bridesmaids dresses of good enough quality to get away with it. 
Well I won't be talking about those today! I'm still trying to get around to photographing the little details on those, but I promise I will show you them soon.

Today I'm showing off the last minute wedding side project I made especially for Chris. About a week and a half before day zero she sent out an appeal to the bridesmaids and mother saying that while she had something old, new, and borrowed, she didn't have anything blue. 'Don't worry about that' I said, obviously thinking I didn't have enough on the go already, 'I'll sort that out for you'.

I did have an idea, and figured it wouldn't take too long...

So I made her a little patch to sew onto the inside of her wedding dress skirt. I thought she could unpick it off again afterwards and keep it.

Now I've never done any embroidery before so I needed to source some materials. I found a nice light blue satin, some dark blue and some silver embroidery thread, and an embroidery hoop.

Then I just traced out what I wanted and popped the fabric into the hoop!

Of course I also had no idea about which stitch to use, so after some googling and some you tubing I went with the back stitch... Nice and neat and also very delicate. I added some hearts using the satin stitch in the silver thread (wow check me out! It's like I'm a professional using all the right words and stuff!!), and then edged it with some lace ribbon type stuff (aaand the professional language goes out of the window).

Then I presented it to Chris... And here comes the funny part! Those eagle eyed people will notice in the top photo that the date says the 27th August... But in the following photos the pencil outline says the 28th... Yeah I got the date wrong (sister promptly fires head bridesmaid).

So I had to take it back... Unpick the finishing.. Unpick the eight while not allowing the rest to unravel... Re-stitch a seven... And sew it all together again.

Let's have a look at that photo again... Because I didn't have time to handwash it and let it dry overnight, you can still see an outline of the eight under the seven... Oops. When I take it off the dress I shall wash that out!!

She was very happy with it though... And showed it off on the day for the cameras... Head bridesmaid re-hired!

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