Sunday, 23 October 2016

Why Blog?

I apologise for my radio silence over the last month. I have wanted to add bits and pieces to my blog but I have been foiled!! I found out a couple of weeks ago that Blogspot have removed their app for Ipads. This means that there is no way of adding a blog easily to this site for me anymore. I use my Ipad an awful lot for blogging, it's so easy when I have my photos already there and easy to get to. I am rather dismayed that they chose to abandon their app, as are many other apple users I must point out.
The fact that this has happened pretty much a year to the week that I decided to update my blog from it's old site and spent a long time transferring things over and creating a new site was rather upsetting too. I spent  a lot of time thinking about what to do to solve this sticky situation, wondering whether to open another blog using another service. I don't want to because of the upheaval, but I have rather been forced into it.
So for those who follow my blog directly  please head over to...

There is a little box in the margin to add your details in to follow me there. If you come here via Ravelry I will change my website so there shouldn't be much change other than it looking different.

If you're here through Bloglovin I will be there under the Wordpress banner too.

I am hoping this is the last time I feel the need to move around online, I really love talking about the things I make and really want to continue to do so, and I love that you guys want to read it too. Over on the new site I have been chatting about the Scout t-shirts... so there's your incentive to head over there.