Saturday, 2 July 2016

A little bit of Heaven and Space

I have a confession.... I finished this shawl ages ago, several weeks in fact. Then it sat rolled up on my dining table until today. Why? I hear you ask... Because in a bizarre plot twist it's been way too warm to actually wear it!! Who'd a thought!

But today in a quite frankly brilliant act of procrastination (I'm meant to be practicing inserting an invisible zip) I thought it was time for a bit of blocking, meaning...

Yep all crackly and poor 'phone picture' quality but that there is my freshly blocked Heaven and Space shawl!

So let me get down to the knitty gritty (see what I did there)...
This is the Heaven and Space pattern by Martina Behm (one of the Strichmich patterns, same as my previous Brickless shawl). Found on Ravelry for a reasonable few pounds.
The yarn is Drops Baby Merino... My good god is this wonderful stuff, soft, non-splitty and 100% merino wool.
I used up two balls making this shawl which sits around my neck comfortably without hanging very low. I'll be honest I might rip back the cast off and add another ball for length, it's easy enough to keep going with the pattern repeat.

The pattern has a lovely diagonal panel pattern which is difficult enough to need to pay attention (no you can't knit it while engrossed in a film/tv series... I kept having to tink back to mistakes... Frustrating) but it is easy enough to memorise and follow by checking what you've just done. Brilliant travel project! This fella came with me to Dublin at the end of May and was a lovely and relaxing project.

Now... What I didn't like about it..

This is another shawl that, because of the pattern, comes out at the end as a big wibbly lump. Some people on Ravelry like this concertina effect and left it like this. I'm not keen, and by gum did it need some aggressive blocking to iron it out (please note DO NOT IRON YOUR KNITTING unless you want it ruined). So I ended up steam blocking several times to get it to this stage...

Still a little concertina'd but much better. 

It is a really light littl scarf but I'm going to guess very warm as it's pure wool. Of course I will actually know that when I have a chilly enough day to wear it... Which I don't actually want until autumn. Well it's all here ready and waiting for it.

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